About Us


Shift Thrift Store is a social enterprise existing to enhance the Colorado Springs Community by creating jobs, preserving the environment, promoting community involvement, and raising funds for charitable causes through recycling of household goods.


Creating jobs. Shift creates jobs in the community. Shift strives to hire local citizens with various challenges to employment seeking job skills for career enhancement.

Preserving the environment. The recycling of household goods keeps unwanted items out of landfills. Allowing a place for community members to purchase these items further reduces environmental damage by scaling the need to purchase new items which are often manufactured in planet-harming ways.

Promoting community involvement. Shift is a community hub involved with many charitable organizations in the Pikes Peak Region. Local citizens donate their goods on a daily basis which creates revenue for participating members. This assists these non-profits in their daily activities of enhancing the community. Shift also is an advocate for participating members by promoting their causes through store events, advertising, and more.

Raising funds for charitable causes. Shift is a conduit of revenue for participating non-profit organizations through the donation and sale of household goods. Member organizations receive a percentage of total sale prices for items donated on their behalf.

Shift is a non-profit, (501c3) organization dedicated to enhancing the Colorado Springs Community. Shift is not a typical thrift store. It is a social enterprise retail outlet existing to provide revenue for participating non-profits.

We accept household goods similar to other thrift models. However, when you donate, you choose which charity you’d like to benefit. Upon sale of accepted items, the charity receives a percentage of the total sale price, similar to a consignment store. With this policy Shift is a direct conduit between you and great community causes!

Our participating non-profits are referred to as Partners.  Participating Partners include a diverse range of charity types including military, environmental, human services, social causes, arts and music, animal causes, education, recycling, public health, and more.

At times our society seems pessimistic. We turn on our televisions and see violence and unrest. It feels as if we’re divided as individual communities and as a nation. We carry this through our days contributing to the negative perceptions. Shift works to combat this force. As a community outlet working on behalf of wonderful charitable organizations in the Pikes Peak region, Shift seeks to enhance and promote community involvement. When we turn away from negativity and toward each other we have the capacity to change, create, inspire, and focus our great city.

Please contact us if you wish to get involved.

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